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A B.A.P Fanworks Community (✿◠‿◠)

B.A.P Fanworks Community
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Stylesheet by refuted

( TA-DAH! IT'S B.A.P! )
Hello and welcome to bapwarriors, a B.A.P fanworks community. Please read all the following rules before posting so we may all get along harmoniously!


• This may seem a bit obvious but yes, all of the posts have to be about B.A.P. Crossovers are allowed but our bunnies must be the main subjects of all the fanwork submitted. No bashing the group or any of the members. No bashing of any TS Entertainment employees either. This is an appreciation zone.

• Please use an LJ-cut to keep everything neat and tidy. Go here to learn how to use a cut.

• Works cannot be locked when first submitted. After 48 hours, the author may lock the work at his or her discretion.

• Tags are a big deal. Tags help keep us organized. Please use all of the appropriate tags [type of fanwork, pairing, rating, etc] when submitting a work. Request a certain tag from the mods if it has not already been made.

• No pedophilia. None. At all. Please watch what you post. Anyone 16 or older having relations with anyone 13 or younger is considered pedophilia in the livejournal universe. You can post it on your own journal but, if you are going to cross-post such a thing, do not post it here.

• All potentially triggering content [such as rape, suicide, self harm, etc] must have a clear warning.

• Anyone caught plagiarizing will be automatically banned from the community.

• If the friendly neighborhood bunny mods comment on your entry, please do not ignore their comment. They are not here to chastise you, they are here to help and allow the community to run smoothly.

• No changing the font [size, color, etc] of the main comm to suit your needs. Let’s try to keep everything organized. If you have problems, please feel free to contact a bunny mod.

• If updating multiple fics, please keep it all under one post a day to avoid clutter.

• Please use this format when posting fics
Warnings [optional]
Author's Note [optional]

• Anyone caught violating any rules will be given a warning. Three strikes and you’re out for good so please read everything before posting.

• For advertisements, to become an affiliate, for questions, comments, concerns about the rules, please contact bapwarriorsmod

With all that out of the way, I'd like to welcome everyone again to bapwarriors (▰˘◡˘▰) Watch us. Join us. Do whatever you like. We're here for entertainment and to promote B.A.P pride~!